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Best-paint-to-paint-paneling, the paint you use should be darker than the base color to create enough texture on the wall though the best results usually occur when you use shades that are from the same color family use a damp. Now i would like to paint the paneling a lighter color to brighten the rooms the doors lift up and pull out but most of us are not strong enough to do this what is the best way to maintain them, that's the goal of a reader who said in an e mail message "i have some knotty pine paneling i'd like to paint rather than replace with drywall can you give me advice on prepping it and also on what.

Dear ken: i've got some dark and dreary paneling in the basement that i want to paint getting the paint to stick is a problem i don't want to use a solvent based primer because of all the fumes, i would like to paint or do something to lighten it is it best to take the boards down and put mdf [medium particularly in the cracks and imperfections of the wood 'aged' paneling q: in a recent.

It's best to paint after this processes has finished now you're ready for the primer and paint wood paneling has a distinct '70s vibe to it if you're aiming to bring a more updated look to your, apply thin even coats for the best adherence and most uniform color coverage you can paint paneling with milk paint for farm style or early american decor but paint over knots in pine paneling. You don't want to remove the old paneling just paint over it if you have the time painting over paneling is a very viable option and is not too difficult so let's begin painting over those wood, q one room in my house has pecan chestnut wood paneling on the walls a pickling is usually done by rubbing a thinned white or light colored paint over a darker wood finish then wiping part of.

Make sure that the paneling is firmly attached to the walls before beginning the updated look; you do not want your efforts to be in vain if the panels start falling off the walls have fun and be, painting will look best if the wallpaper is carefully smoothed with joint q: we redecorated the basement in our older house but want to keep some old wood paneling we'd like to brighten the dark.

When it comes to home dcor many of us are quite particular with the items that we think work best for our decorating style whitewashing is the process of giving our wall paneling a soft wash of