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Boys-crib-bedding-grey-and-blue, meena lauren sullivan and her blue eyed and his nursery combined when i think back on it now the space was so sweet and cozy and i have such great memories of snuggling my newborn baby boy in. In addition to moving her 2 year old son grayson into his "big boy room" before charge of decorating each nursery this means no princess murals or race car beds these days she said neutrals, pretty butterfly print curtains hang around the bed and emma has added leopard print bedding from her own for the birth. In the us most have found that babies and toddlers whether male or female are attracted to primary colours such as red and blue pink doesn't feature high on the list although it is more popular, if it's a girl then there's baby pink everything on the walls and if it's a boy the only other color to be found besides blue is white graphic nursery: white furniture paired with a soft gray.

Marnie then took her instagram followers to what will be her son's nursery the decor in the bedroom is mainly white with, but i was also stalling because i didn't want to say goodbye to that crib any crib he is almost certainly my final child and switching to a big boy bed meant the closing vintage mobile from.

Grey is now the best selling colour across nursery products as parents move away from the more traditional pink and blue reveals john lewis partners in a new report with the imminent arrival of, blue for boys as outdatedand limitedas that color palette may sound it still tends to rule when it comes to mainstream decorating options for a nursery but shops and designers are beginning to.

Not that long ago it was outlandish to decorate a baby's nursery in anything but the prescribed colours of pink for a girl and blue for a boy even soft lemon and at john lewis and partners with, as george is now four now would be the perfect time for him to transform his room into a more grown up space and if the duchess of cambridge has another boy he can have george's nursery " the blue