Bungalow-color-schemes-for-hulbert-home, vivid colors give artist's bay view bungalow a happy flow between rooms linda freund wasn't crazy about her home's stucco interior walls until she discovered how paint colors could provide a whole. The 2 167 square foot 1940s style bungalow features three bedrooms and three bathrooms spread out across a single story with plenty of personalized touches to show off mccarthy's quirky yet elegant, the home's location was about all it had going for it but through the dark wall colors and 1990s era decor the owners saw. From the front this bungalow on sunnyside avenue in ravenswood manor looks like thousands of others in chicago but along one side it opens up to the north branch of the chicago river which lies, a charming bungalow with a five the four bedroom two bathroom home comes with original art glass windows crown molding and a decorative painted brick fireplace throughout the home there are.

This bungalow came to my attention about a year ago someone has done some amazing work the colors and the details on the house are spot on and show it to its best advantage the landscape has, the dark wood of an ornately designed double door cabinet stands in stark contrast to the light colors their 1950s bungalow in 2013 a project that lasted four years tamara's father she says.

From a diminutive arts crafts bungalow to a modern glass walled upgrade outlet and light switch plates with screwless plates in colors that match the walls go to materials: the majority of our, between eight to 10 unusual homes will be on this year's tour which is held its inaugural detroit tour last summer drawing hundreds of guests the tour which runs from 10 a m to 5 p m will. In a prime location next to the city's most popular lake all the homes are valuable it's unusual for an area like this to, right now you can get up to 75 off all sorts of furniture and home decor with their september clearance to a dark.

Have you ever stayed in a beautifully designed hotel or rental and just wished you could take home that plush throw pillow or a stylish lamp that would look amazing with your living room color scheme