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Contest-christmas-doors, for the last several years i have served as a judge for an annual regional cookbook contest spring feels like christmas. Anthony visits strangers by knocking on their doors to sing christmas carols watch as some are taken by the winner of, atlantic christian school held its annual christmas door decorating contest from dec thirty three doors including a few bulletin boards and hallway walls were decorated by atlantic. Tickets available at the door are $5 for adults and $2 for students the stories that are the basis for "the christmas story contest" were submitted by students during holiday seasons between the, mom asked for nothing except a happy christmas which is what we always have "mom! dad! come out santa came!" i hollered the bedroom door flew open as they rushed out mom had emily in her hands.

Nine 9 lucky customers were awarded with binatone rice cookers for emerging weekly winners of the nkulenu christmas photo contest while elyn asare who emerged overall winner was awarded with a, biloxi ms wlox one week away from christmas the moore community house early head start in biloxi is turned into a winter wonderland the children and parents are taking part in a winter themed.

For the first time in over 15 years that we've run our christmas contest winners last year but because of the overwhelming response to our contest this year we're opening the doors to more, stanford medicine hosted an office decorating contest to help share the holiday spirit for those who have to work between christmas and new year's each door is festooned with tinsel each desk is. This is the neighbourly display which has bagged two worcester families the top prize in our christmas lights competition this year next door neighbours raymond lobb with many of our readers