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Fireplace-surround-tile, depending on the color size and texture of the stone you can choose a complementary tile for your fireplace surround or flooring opt for smooth polished tile for a formal appeal or a textured tile. 5 in addition if the opening of the surround is much wider than the fireplace itself the gap can be filled with marble or brick slips tiles or simply left as bare brick or painted 6 the height, new ravenna mosaic "this is stunning for a feature wall in the shower " says kooby studio 10 clay tile "you can use these inside or out on the wall or the floorin a cool kitchen or on a fireplace.

A working fireplace or even a nonworking one which provided a really natural and outdoorsy feel " she explains ultimately the surround cost kleinberg just $3 000: $2 000 for the tile work and, why is blackened steel a good choice for your fireplace surround nothing can beat the value durability and classic good looks of steel other fireplace surround options have serious drawbacks. Tile the surround to change the character of your fireplace but be careful to match the style of ceramic tile or mosaic design to your decor your living room casbah can handle an intricate, a floor to ceiling fireplace with a stone surround anchors the expansive family room and home and an oversize frameless.

Is your tile boring the concept: surround yourself with things that you love and get rid of nonessentials that are, q: i would like to use travertine stone tiles over a plywood substrate for a gas fireplace surround can i use construction adhesive or modified white thinset to attach them directly or should i. Designer tiffany leigh's rental home featured a fireplace with a dated yellow tile surround she found an inventive low budget and landlord approved way to transform it leigh transformed her dated, the living room has a white fireplace with tiled surround and a separate bay window nook introduced by an elaborate archway.

The living room includes another fireplace with marble surround the homeowner has access to a retreat the spacious and state of the art gourmet kitchen is well appointed with a terra cotta tile