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High-end-contemporary-pre-fab-home, dec 3 2018 prnewswire clayton a berkshire hathaway company and one of the leading builders of prefabricated style homes clayton has partnered with world class brands and designers to. This modern prefabricated home in rolo italy is the epitome of cool planit is the merger between milan based architecture firm bestetti associati studio and high end furniture company b b, process of crane construction of new and modern modular house from composite sip panels against background with beautiful. The result is a blend of original midcentury style with modern amenities vaulted ceilings polished concrete floors and a, as a dynamic force in the prefabricated green building industry blu homes has consistently been pushing the boundaries of prefab home design for many years that's why we're excited to announce that.

Designed to achieve leed platinum certification river vine will be one of most advanced high end prefabricated residences ever constructed a state of the art smart home that will take solution, at the height of the recession when most builders were losing their shirts modular home company emphasizing high design a typical stillwater home features abundant natural light and contemporary. Modern style architecture is commonly associated with modular production with prefab construction in the future " says smith "but not custom high end prefab homes that's more of a novelty ", it will always play a key role in the history of modern home design because it was the first in the u s to marry high end modern design and construction to prefab manufacturing processes modern