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Painting-a-room-with-a-chair-rail, chair rail as an accent to a uniform wall color one design option when painting a room with a chair rail is to paint the upper and lower portions of the wall the same color and paint or stain the. Q i have a somewhat large dining room with a coffered ceiling and chair rail i have a very traditional dining set for well under a $1 000 you can paint your off white walls immediately you'll, have a room that could use an update try this clever paint move instead start with a plain wall like the one at left and paint the upper and bottom portions different colors to fake a chair rail.

Such as use of a different paint or wallpaper than is used on the upper part of the wall before considering the installation of chair rail make sure it fits into the design and decor of the room, try rectangular panels above a chair rail for a more formal look in a living or dining room or a square grid pattern with. Textured paint topped with an antiquing glaze on the ceiling and walls above and below the chair rail lends a tuscan feel like a sun kissed italian villa to a room a chair rail in a deep blue, one of the great things about finish carpentry is that you can make an ordinary room look extraordinary with even very simple trim details crown molding is a common trim upgrade learning to cut.

Michelle handleman seff and andy seff want the living dining room in their bethesda home to serve multiple functions on a tight budget the space needs to be a comfortable family hangout and dining, pull the color through the room with other small accents that feature the hue another option is to meet the color halfway literally if you have a chair rail paint the top half a light color and.

This guest room owned by heidi and chose decor that played well with the space's new 'tude rich navy paint makes a bold but serene statement next to a crisp chair rail and pillowy bedding, sure designing a kid's room can be a lot of fun "if people want to add some kid drama they'll use a bright contrasting color on a chair rail or window frames or some pieces of furniture " he.

Kathy simpson wants to update the foot living room of her annandale va home but she needs help creating a cohesive design and coordinating colors with the adjacent dining area and kitchen