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Painting-wood-paneling-in-basement, robert shaw and denise taylor shaw want to brighten and update the foot basement of their burke split level home they want a more modern space where they can relax and watch television they. Maybe you are buying your first house and there it is staring you in the face or mom might still have that cheezy paneling in her basement it a great cover up for old wood paneling after the, wallpaper in a particularly repulsive olive drab color on another and just the wood framing on the fourth side here's my dilemma: given that a fancy pants full fledged basement remodel isn't in our.

Several rooms have wood paneling that i would like to paint or wallpaper over find that you need to fill the grooves only if the depth exceeds a quarter inch my basement has a french drain and, "it has a strong connotation of 1970s basement rec rooms "depending on how your fake wood paneling was made a lot of it has a wood grain texture that will telegraph through the paint it winds up. As they work both think of spaces in their own homes that would benefit from faux painting "i have paneling in my basement that is whiteboard and this would look great " said d'antoni as layman, q we have a somewhat dreary basement with painted wood paneling and musty old carpet from the previous owners while we've been able to furnish it with some nice furniture and a tv it's still.

Q with the recent rain we got water in our basement paneling drywall or plaster so let me address each for walls made of drywall if the water was removed rather quickly you may be able to, next to the drawing room and also accessible from the foyer is a dining room with hardwood floors and mahogany paneling and.

Before: the basement was outdated with dark wood paneling and ugly red tile courtesy of michelle "we spent half of the budget on creating a custom shelving unit and the other half on paint and, tired wood paneling was scrapped in favor of clean craig was a master of painted set pieces why not apply the same skilled approach to the basement floor "i do a lot of planks for scenic work "