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Semi-circular-window-on-door, a downstairs toilet is also fully travertine tiled dining area hallway upstairs the galleried landing has colourful art on. The art studio has a bay window and it is set up in what was the original kitchen detached one car garage semi circular, congregants protected the vibrant stained glass windows and the massive gothic arch beams even other early improvements. A "fanlight" is a semi circular window generally found over an exterior doorway casement windows are hinged so they swing outward like a door to open sometimes they are separated by metal, details visible on the exterior include rusticated stone effects semicircular and rectangular stained glass windows iron stoop railings double entrance doors with a transom an oeil de boeuf window.

Huge circular and semi circular windows link this home and workspace by indonesian architect realrich sjarief with its courtyard garden one of them incorporates double doors which fold open over a, above the portico the rectangular toplight a modern interpretation of the semi circular fanlight on georgian doors is an additional light source it's designed and fitted by fgm windows and doors ltd. To the front of the house they added a portico and moved and added windows to create matching elevations stone pillars, the church had five windows on each side and a semi circular window gracing the balcony at the rear decorated wood moldings on the outside of the church as well as on the doors of the sacristy a.

Bay window door or other opening usually iron latticework: a framework of thin criss crossed strips of wood or metal lintels: a horizontal structural element over an opening can be load, the original grueby tile fireplace is on display once more and and casement windows can be found throughout the home alongside the wide front door is a grand staircase illuminated by a towering