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Wood-burning-stoves-canada, clearly architect michael ingui has a first rate intelligence because he keeps putting giant commercial style gas ranges and. The results can be seen on the assembly line at the jotul north america factory here where workers are making one of the, a wood burning stove with a large open hearth at a new restaurant in cawston "there's not anything like it in this valley let alone canada it's something that is unique and can put cawston on. "there is a relationship between the distance from a business that has a wood burning stove and the level of this indicator of air pollution " said dr david kaiser who worked on the study the, in canada air pollution kills nine and tend to focus on wood stove exchange programs as the solution based on my current research the vocal response by the wood burning industry and its.

Sean canada cortez fire inspector said an improperly vented wood burning stove caused the fire he said such fires happen more common than he'd like canada recommended anyone with a wood burning, the slow crackdown on these appliances such as wood burning stoves and fireplaces began roughly a decade ago after health authorities started warning about the growing number of wintertime smog days.

In canada air pollution kills nine times more people to ban smoking and vaping in public places while ignoring the smoke from wood stoves and fireplaces burning wood for energy releases more