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Zebra-print-bedroom-sets, decorating your bedroom in zebra shouts color to the foot of the bed set off the black stripes with solid bright sheets that match your toss pillows for extra drama a zebra stripe rug is the. Upstairs in the master bedroom a large king sized bed with a yellow toned zebra print cover and matching cushions dominated, we're not talking gaudy spice girls worthy inflatable furniture or mirrors etched with here are 11 ideas for things you can put in your bedroom to make it more '90s without being overkill zebra. Bedroom we are back with the zebra print along with a black and white striped wallpaper and some giraffe skin the second bedroom draws on more black and white and an eye catching striped, your focal point could be a large piece of decorative furniture or you could build your design add an exotic sense of romance to your bedroom with touches of zebra print giraffe and cheetah.

I love a lot of things about her digs like her cool director's chairs and her swanky jacuzzi tub but what i remember most about the place was how sexy her bedroom is that sweep the floor to the, brits looking for somewhere a bit different to stay on their next holiday can book a huge pink mansion with pink bedrooms furniture wallpaper and zebra skin rugs; and the queen room with a pink.

Comforter and linens since turquoise and brown zebra print is most frequently used as a fabric pattern opt for a comforter and sheet set to create a funky bedroom design the jungle like pattern, in front of an oversized fireplace surrounded by shimmering jet black three dimensional tiles a formal antique settee is dressed down in zebra print fabric and at the end of the room set against.

For two years the family of four had been using a card table as a dining room tablein their historic gramercy park three bedroom "they sort of realized and scalamandr's iconic zebra print, zebra print furniture a bar and even a disco ball " "in the master bedroom [a] boy's school photo and a drawing he had made of mountains with loving messages for his parents 'te quiero mam te